High Praise for React and the React Ecosystem

The React ecosystem provides the best developer experience I’ve ever used. Around 2 years ago, I got to work on a React/Redux/Webpack project. Prior to the project, I had tried to learn React, but with so many new concepts like Webpack, ES6 syntax, and JSX, I was mainly scared away. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to work on an existing codebase that I truly fell in love.

Working with Webpack you get hot module reloading, ES6 module syntax, babel, eslint, and CSS style injection. With React/Redux, you get Redux Dev Tools, and principles of functional programming. This tooling is sorely missed when moving off to a legacy project without them.

The community surrounding React is very supportive. Whether its a full free course on Egghead.io by Redux creator Dan Abramov, or the thousands of questions and answers on Stack Overflow, the React community is thriving.

Mainly, I use create-react-app and run the eject script to get up and running quickly. This provides me with the latest from the React/Webpack dev team. Lately, I’ve been using preact-compat as an alias in my Webpack config to benefit from the smaller file size of preact. create-react-app also adds offline first support with Service Worker, something I haven’t taken advantage of yet.

Finally, there was some issues with licensing recently with React, but that has since cleared up. My next personal project will be to rearchitecture my personal site using preact/webpack/redux and XHR requests to WordPress.

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