2013 In Review

Years come and go and so do the yearly turn outs of end-of-the-calendar retrospectives. Here’s my look back on 2013.

New Job

In Janurary of last year, I began a new job as a Front End Developer at WebLinc in Old City, Philadelphia. What a difference a new job and a new perspective on the modern workplace can be. The past year at WebLinc has turned out to be such a tremendous experience, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the direction of the company, the level of talent I’m surrounded with daily, and overall community the management team has built. We’re continuously growing and hiring new people, as well as upholding the tight-knit culture and camaraderie of a smaller boutique company.


Within my first year, I moved from a support team member to a team leader, in charge of the front end development of several large accounts. I’ve also gained management experience, as I deal out work to the other members of my team and my own support team member. I’ve even taken steps to move into more of a User Experience (UX) role. 2013 was a good year for my career and my future and moving to WebLinc is a huge part of that.

New Car


My wife, Shannon, and I got a new car! We traded in both of our older cars for a new Hyundai Accent. We love our Hyundai and are super happy to have a car that works, drives great, and smells good!

New Bathroom


After many hard weeks, Shannon and I finally (semi)-completed our bathroom remodel. It was the first major remodel we’ve undertaken in the 3 years we’ve been at the house, and we learned A LOT. We’re excited to finally be rid of the ugly 80’s blue ceramic everything and proud of our awesome white throne room.

Shannon’s New Business

2013 marked a huge step forward in Shannon’s career as well. She left her previous job and started working for herself full-time as a wedding photographer. I’m very proud of all of the work she puts into the business on a daily basis. She even received an award from WeddingWire for being a favorite vendor.

Baby Paul


In July, I became an uncle for the first time. My sister gave birth to my nephew Paul on July 1st. Since then, he has commanded the attention of every family member as we watch him grow into a little person.

Childhood Home Sold

My parents moved out of my childhood home that I lived in for 23 years and into a new home not too far away. It’s a pretty big change and kind of bittersweet, but the pool table in the new house’s basement makes up for it.

Brotherly Weddings

In the spring and the fall, my oldest and older brother respectively got hitched. They both somehow landed some pretty awesome gals and now the entire Schuster clan is all married and grown up.

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