Who to Follow on Twitter – 2013

Over a year ago I created a list of people to follow and blogs to read. Times have changed, and I decided to give an update to the list. The criteria to make the list revolved more around the quality/quanity ratio (signal vs noise), then it does the glory of your name in the web world. I continually try to refine my list of 100 twitter following, and the people below have remained fairly holdsteady in their place.

Front End

  1. David Walsh – @davidwalshblog
    Mozilla Web Developer, Front-End Engineer, MooTools Core Developer, Javascript Fanatic, CSS Tinkerer, PHP Hacker, and web lover.
  2. Brad Frost – @brad_frost
    I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Married to the lovely @minifrost and @ziggyfrost is my dog.
  3. Dave Rupert – @davatron5000
    Lead developer for @paravelinc, co-host of @shoptalkshow and @atxwebshow, ❤ @jessrupe, breakfast tacos. (日本語OK)
  4. Divya Manian – @divya
    Open Web Pamphleteer
  5. Paul Irish – @paul_irish
    I want the web to win • Chrome dev relations • currently fascinated with front-end tooling and browser devtools • big fan of rye, research and whimsy
  6. Jeremy Keith – @adactio
    An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.


  1. Chris Coyier – @chriscoyier
    Designer @CodePen. Writer @real_css_tricks. Podcaster @ShopTalkShow. Lead Hucklebucker.
  2. Lea Verou – @LeaVerou
    Developer Relations @W3C (but tweets are personal). Passionate about open web standards, coding, design, UX. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. Optimist. INTP.
  3. Jackie Balzer – @jackiebackwards
    I write CSS like it’s my job (it is). I lead an army of CSS badasses @Behance. Sass rules. @brianmcallister is my other person. My cat has asthma. I’m awesome.
  4. Jonathan Snook – @snookca
    I’m a web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify.
  5. Nicole Sullivan – @stubbornella


  1. Rebecca Murphey – @rmurphey
    JS dev at Bazaarvoice
  2. rick waldron – @rwaldron
    JavaScript Evangelist
  3. John Resig – @jeresig
    Creator of jQuery, JavaScript programmer, author, Japanese woodblock nerd (http://ukiyo-e.org ), work at Khan Academy.
  4. Matt McManus – @mattmcmanus
    Hacking at @punkave. Node.js Application developer, interface designer, server admin, beer & hot sauce maker, pretend farmer, husband & father, Christian
  5. Addy Osmani – @addyosmani
    Googler working on Chrome • Author • Yeoman & DevTools • Creator of TodoMVC, Aura, Basket • Passionate about pushing the web forward


  1. Norcross – @norcross
    I have a cup of coffee hand tattoo and a pet pig. What the fuck else do you want from me? Senior WordPress Developer for @RavenTools. not a city in Georgia.
  2. Brian Krogsgard – @Krogsgard
    I enjoy blogging about WordPress and the web. I’m the curator of @post_status. I’m the Lead WordPress Developer @infomediadotcom. Personal account is @bkrogs
  3. sara cannon – @saracannon
    I’m an artist & designer. I love WordPress and Typography. I blog at http://sara-cannon.com design portfolio: design.sara-cannon.com – art: art.sara-cannon.com
  4. Tom McFarlin – @tommcfarlin
    Self-employed developer who works with WordPress and JavaScript building software for others. WordPress core contributor. Partner at @8BIT.
  5. Mike McAlister – @mikemcalister
    WordPress developer, pizza enthusiast, Beatles aficionado, pixel critic. Turning tricks at Okay Themes and ThemeForest. http://oktm.es/onenvato

Other Rock Stars

  1. Jessica Hische – @jessicahische
    Mo’ beziers, mo’ problems.
  2. Sara Chipps – @SaraJChipps
    I jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace. CTO @levoleague. Made @GirlDevelopIT and @perfect_basics. #levolove JS4life
  3. Luke Wroblewski – @lukew
    Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design, Polar & more…
  4. Neil deGrasse Tyson – @neiltyson
    Astrophysicist, Am. Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicles, Pluto Files, Inexplicable Universe [Video], Host: StarTalk Radio http://StarTalkRadio.net

So there you have it. Another year, another list. If you have any suggestions of who to follow please add them to the comments and I’ll give them a trial run. Oh, and you can find me on Twitter at pete_schuster.

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  1. shannon

    Ahem, suggestion #5 for “other rockstars” = your awesome wife, @shannonacollins. Just sayin’. <3


    (No really, follow me, plz.)

  2. Tom McFarlin

    Wow – thanks a lot, Pete. Honored!

  3. Norcross

    That’s quite a list to be included on. I hope my excessive pig related tweets don’t bother anyone 🙂

  4. Mary Pieroszkiewicz

    Pete Schuster, great stuff :]


  5. Imane Haddad

    great !! thank’s for share

    ( awsome works )