Setting Goals for 2013

Each new year brings with it the inevitable list of goals we’d all like to accomplish. How this year will be different and better. Lets get real, these goals are rarely followed through, but it doesn’t take away from the inspiration we feel when making them. Cynicism aside, I decided to wrangle up a list of personal and professional goals for 2013, the year I turned it all around.


  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Build a kick ass greenhouse and garden
  • Build a mobile robot
  • Be a better husband
  • Be more friendly/warm/amicable


  • Release Site Skeleton WordPress theme
  • Contribute again to WordPress Core
  • Become more of a full stack developer with JS


Live a more sustainable lifestyle

I’ve always been environmentally conscious. But after watching this documentary called No Impact Man (available on Netflix), I wanted to learn more about what I could do in my personal life to live more sustainably. I read this book about vermaculture called Worms Eat My Garbage, and I’ve been meaning to get some red worms of my own. In addition, I installed a rain barrel last year, and I’d like to utilize it a bit more for gardening.

Build a kick ass greenhouse and garden

I also would really like a kick ass garden and greenhouse that I’d eventually like to be completely automated and run year-round. Despite cold winters in the Philadelphia area, with the help of a greenhouse environment, you can still grow lettuce and leafy greens in the colder months.

Build a mobile robot

I did my first soldering and protoboard project last year with an audiowave shield for the arduino. I’d like to get more into robotics and using Johnny Five developed by JS guru Rick Waldron (lightsaber guy avatar on twitter). Johnny Five runs on Node, and eliminates learning another language to interact with robotics.

Be a better husband

Working in such a logically and sometimes isolating field like web development, it’s sometimes hard to turn it off. Much like coal miners, it’s sometimes difficult to get clean before coming home. I’d like to try and be less regimented and work focused, and be more spontaneous and willing to be more romantic in the day-to-day.

Be more friendly/warm/amicable

I’ve been told sometimes that I can be an asshole. Nine times out of ten, however, I’m not doing it on purpose, it’s just what others read from my mannerisms or body language. I’d like to try and reduce the number of misinterpretations and leave the rest for when I actually am just being a dick.


Release Site Skeleton WordPress theme

I recently broke off the WordPress theme that was part of my more all encompassing Site Skeleton. I’d like to release an official site for the WordPress theme, promote it a bit better, and eventually offer a list of checkboxes for options much like Twitter Bootstrap, offering CSS support for popular plugins, or alternative layouts.

Contribute again to WordPress Core

Being named as a contributor for the 3.5 release was unexpected but more than awesome. I’d like to continue that trend and keep contributing to such a great project!

Become more of a full stack developer with JS

The web is changing. JavaScript is the future of the web and we may be seeing less and less of backend languages in the coming years. With that in mind, in order to stay relevant, I’d like to learn as much JS as I can, and find a place in that community. This is not going to be an easy task, and in no way can it be accomplished in a year, but here are some mini goals for the near future:

  • Get a better understanding of MVC patterns and OOP with the help of Backbone
  • Learn more about templating languages like Mustache, Handlebars, and Ember
  • Launch an interactive Node.js project built with Backbone.

That’s what I have on tap for 2013. If you’re not completely bored by resolution posts yet, hopefully this post inspired you a bit to organize your own list of goals.

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