Cleaning House: Updating My Site’s Codebase

My portfolio site was the first responsive site I ever built. I coded it and designed it myself as a rebranding/refocusing effort from my previous site. That was a little over a year from where I am today. That being said, the code the site was sitting on wasn’t the best… it’s amazing how much you learn and how many new techniques you pick up over the course of one year. Below is a list of some new directions I went with the site.

Using the Newest Codebase from Site Skeleton

Site Skeleton has evolved a lot over the past year. New comments structure, new file and directory organization, as well as a newer, more modular CSS. Looking at the code from last year was painful and I feel much better about posting on my blog about front end web practices with a solid engine of my own under the hood.

Looking back, upgrading to Sass, Codekit, and Sublime Text 2 was probably the most important move I made last year…

Using Sass

Ahhh! I forgot how ugly and disjointed CSS can be without using a preprocessor. Having browser prefixes written out long hand, media queries and base styles all in one file…it was not pretty. Looking back, upgrading to Sass, Codekit, and Sublime Text 2 was probably the most important move I made last year.

New Typography

More and more people are making the switch to a larger 16px or 1em font face, and I must say, I’m a fan. The larger font face is more akin to reading on a tablet and a mobile device. With the large font size, you don’t have to hold your device up to your nose in order to read. Since most of my traffic is coming in through blog posts recently, I figured this was a good move to make, and it’s a trend I see being more widely adopted in the future.


I know, I know, the layout isn’t the greatest, but its a start. I like the narrow column look, but it leaves something to be desired on desktops. This was phase one of the redesign. Porting the site over to a new codebase a huge step in making the site faster, efficient, and more modular.

What’s next? I’ll probably take another look at the homepage slider, the about page needs some work, adding a “services” section, and finally integrating some more aesthetic design elements with the help of an icon font.

So what do you think of the new site? Any suggestions or bugs? Drop me a comment.

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