Life Updates/Upgrades

I mostly try to stick to the techie posts and tutorials, but there has been some eventful updates within my life recently that I felt I needed to share.

Got Hitched

Firstly, I got married to my lovely wife Shannon. We tied the knot on September 1st in the backyard of our house. We kept things simple and crafty with 15 guests and a lot of DIY projects. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures to share soon from our photographers at Morrissey Photo. After the wedding, we headed off to Italy for a two week honeymoon.

WordCamp Philly

Second, I’ve been selected as a speaker for this year’s WordCamp in Philly. The theme for this year is Halloween, and the speakers are encouraged to dress up. My topic is about working with CSS and WordPress templates to create a boilerplate theme for rapid and efficient development. I’ll be dressing up as a ghostbuster and speaking about how to stop poorly planned out code from haunting you later in a project’s development.

End of the Year To Dos

Planning for the wedding and the honeymoon was a lot of work. Now that its over, Shannon and I are excited to use that free time to dive into some new projects, and continue work on the house. Below are some things I’d like to wrap up and start doing before the end of the year.

  • Recode my website, add icon font graphics, and optimize the code base.
  • Learn more about automated greenhouses techniques and begin creating prototypes.
  • Learn more about Johnny Five, a JavaScript port for Arduino.
  • Finish painting the upstairs hallway.
  • Paint the sun room.
  • Purchase red worms to eat our household organic waste.
  • Build a heavy duty work bench in the basement with shelving, lighting, and vices.
  • Start a training program for the Ironman 70.3 in 2013.
  • Get more freelance work, and make more professional relationships.
  • Wrap work on all current freelance builds.
  • Polish Site Skeleton, and create a feature rich site explaining its components.

These goals should bring me into the next year and should keep me pretty well occupied. How about you, what are your goals for the end of the year?

PS. I bet Shannon will leave a comment asking where adopting a new dog (dachshund) falls on the list…

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  1. shannon

    Your list of to-do’s makes me excited to wrap up this year with you. I’m really proud to be your Mrs.

    PS. How bout that dachshund. Just sayin’.

  2. Eric

    Dachshund. Do it.