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Its been 5 months since I started working at my new job, and since then a lot has change about my circle of knowledge. Before joining up with fellow front ender, Brandon Gray, I had little to no clue about the movers and shakers of my industry. It can be quite embarassing when you’re superior mentions Jeffery Zeldman, and you reply… Who? Since then, jokes have been made on my behalf like “new interview question ‘Do you know who Ethan Marcotte is?'” and more recently ‘Do you or have you ever been into Parkour?’, but thats another blog post.

Looking back on my past self, I knew very little about… well… anything. Although I’ll surely be looking back another 5 months from now and saying the same thing, I’ve decided to aggregate a list of People to Follow and Blogs to Subscribe to as a way to introduce other clueless web colleagues.

Who to Follow

Front End

  1. @lukew – Luke Wroblewski – Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design, & more…
  2. @adactio – Jeremy Keith – An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.
  3. @beep – Ethan Marcotte – Designer, developer. Started that whole “responsive web design” thing.
  4. @simplebits – Dan Cederholm – Designer, author & speaker at SimpleBits. Co-Founder of Dribbble. Likes ampersands & banjos.
  5. @snookca – Jonathan Snook – He wrote http://smacss.com.
  6. @Malarkey – Andy Clark – Designer, author, speaker, teacher
  7. @scottjehl – Scott Jehl – Web designer. Filament Grouper. jQuery Mobiler. Co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Reluctantly tweeting a bit more lately…


  1. @paul_irish – Paul Irish – HTML5 & CSS3 aficionado, Google Chrome dev relations, front-end developer. Big fan of sorbet.
  2. @troyhunt – Troy Hunt – Software architect and Microsoft MVP, you’ll usually find me writing about security concepts and process improvement in software delivery.
  3. @davidwalshblog – David Walsh – MooTools & jQuery Consultant, MooTools Core Developer, Javascript Fanatic, CSS Tinkerer, PHP Hacker, and web lover.
  4. @divya – Divya Manian – Web Opener at Opera • Open Web Vigilante • HTML5 Boilerplate • HTML5 Readiness


  1. @timoreilly – Tim O’Reilly – Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold.
  2. @mattcutts – Matt Cutts – He is the head of the webspam team at Google.
  3. @zeldman – Jeffrey Zeldman – Author, Designing With Web Standards. Founder, Happy Cog studios, A List Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart, The Big Web Show. Publisher, A Book Apart.
  4. @kissane – Reader. Writer. Editor @Contents. Content nerd @BrainTraffic. Blue canary in the coal mine.
  5. @halvorson – CEO, Brain Traffic. Author, Content Strategy for the Web. I like content strategy. I think you should, too.

What to Read

Front End

  1. A List Apart – Explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.
  2. 24 Ways – The advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
  3. AWWWards – The CSS gallery of the most prestigious websites around the world. Awwwards gives recognition, prestige and visibility to the best websites developed with CSS technology
  4. Line 25 – The drawing board for web creatives, presenting web design ideas and inspiration in the form of tutorials, articles and interviews.
  5. CSS Tricks – CSS Tricks, Tips, Screencasts and More.
  6. HTML5 Doctor – Publishing articles relating to HTML5, its semantics, and how to use it right now.
  7. LukeW Blog – Publications on the critical details and big picture behind digital product design.


  1. David Walsh Blog – Targeted toward all levels of web designers and developers. All web topics are discussed, including CSS, JavaScript (MooTools, Dojo, and jQuery), HTML5, PHP, and ∞.
  2. Theme.fm – Helping you fine tune your WordPress themes with our great design and development tutorials, screencasts, freebies and more.
  3. WP Candy – News, tutorials, features, and videos covering WordPress.


  1. RRW – A popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis, covering web apps, web technology trends, social networking and social media.
  2. .net Mag – The world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers since 1994.
  3. Cognition from Happy Cog – The blog by world-renown web design and development agency Happy Cog, discussing design, user experience, business, content strategy and more.

This lists represents who I find the most useful and informative people to follow on the web. In some cases if people or sites are left out, its because other typically fill in the gaps, ie @zeldman tpyically covers anything involving ALA so there’s no need to follow them.

So what do you think? Did I miss anyone? Do you subscribe to a blog not on the list? I also noticed that there are only three women on my list, do you have suggestions for others? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Marshall Oram

    Thanks man! That is a good comprehensive list of the Web studs and studdettes out there. I would add @css-tricks and @chriscoyier to the list in the Front End category.

  2. Shannon Collins

    Awesome comprehensive round-up of references. Also awesome to hear you admit you knew little about anything until recently!