About Pete Schuster

I am a front end web developer working in center city Philadelphia. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my supportive/beautiful wife, our dogs Betty White and Dexter and menagerie of other animals. I have a passion for web standards and best practices, and enjoy writing about the subject. Follow me on Twitter.

In addition to front end development, I am an avid WordPress developer who freelances and speaks about the effectiveness of WordPress as a CMS. I hope to contribute to the core, and begin to author plugins and themes to continually build the project.

About this site

This site has been several sites in the making. After attempting a couple sites prior, all with different messages, this site is meant to be the central source for everything from development news, to rants and raves on my ongoing adventures.


  • Integrity

    I stand by my work. All choices I make are based on strict research and adherence to industry standards and practices.

  • Honesty

    I try to be as honest and open as possible about my process, and my skills. All the code and opinions on this site are up for grabs, if you like it, its yours.

  • Humility

    I don’t know everything, so if you come across something that you disagree with, be sure to tell me about it and we can start a discussion.

  • Open

    I contribute to the web so others can benefit from tips, tricks and techniques I’ve come across. Keeping your work opensource allows for a better community overall.


+Pete Schuster