Advanced Custom Fields Title Add-on

I really enjoy using Advanced Custom Fields in my projects. It has, without a doubt, increased the efficiently and speed at which I can create rich user experiences both on the front and back end. Making rules and inputs for users on the back end ultimately gives control over the users so they’re not breaking the site by adding short codes or HTML blocks to the WYSIWYG in order to achieve the proper layout.

Title Field

One field I felt ACF was messing was a title field. Upon further research, I found an add-on by samjo in the support forum that provided me with what I was looking for. Basically, I wanted titles to act as visual breaks for the admin so its easier to understand what section you’re in.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.07.59 AM

After using the add-on for a bit, I noticed it was a bit buggy with fields disappearing randomly with other interaction on the screen. So I went into the add-on and modified the code a bit. Below is the end result available for download and use. Have at it!

Link to Gist

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